WE ARE Broad Street Under Ground.

Historic Preservation.

Keeping something the whole city can use!

A Place for the Community

A destination the community can shop and socialize.

Urban Design.

A great modern design – while preserving history.

Easy Access

Easy parking and access to shops!

Sustainable Retail Development

A great location for new and existing businesses!

Artistic and Trendy.

Helping attract local artists and community members to different events held.


revitalizing unused space into something great
Broad Street Underground was formed by a group of motivated, all volunteer citizens concerned about the future of the Broad Street Aqueduct in Rochester, NY and the waste of one of our wonderful and historic resources. Our mission is to promote and facilitate re-purposing the historic Broad Street Aqueduct through a public/private enterprise into an enclosed promenade of street shops and a hub of global culture. The Broad Street Aqueduct sits empty, waiting to be re-purposed and made available to citizens of the Rochester area and tourism.
Creating an Urban Space
EVERYONE can use!
Shops, Sister Cities shops, restaurant, music venue, public gathering areas, displays, a networking center and much more.